Advertising at the National Airport “Minsk”

National Airport Minsk is the main airport of Belarus. Its privileged geographic location in the center of Europe determines its utilization as an international transport hub, linking Europe and Asia.
An important factor that opens up new prospectives for further development of the Minsk airport, was the signing a visa-free entry by the President’s on February 12. So today citizens of 80 countries can arrive in Belarus and stay here for five days with absolutely no visas. At the same time, visa-free entry is possible only for those who arrive to Belarus via airport.

Our advantages

Advertising options

In light boxes
On billboards
On the glass partitions
On the luggage carts

Design and printing

Design of layout and printing quality – are at least 50 percent of success in every advertising campaign, especially when we are talking about advertising of premium products and services. Bright and eye-catching design – it is the first thing that attaches the attention of any consumer, when he saw an unfamiliar advertising goods or services.

The main design challenge is to emphasize strengths and competitive advantages of goods to be sure that it is well-known. Therefore by developing the concept of the campaign and its key visual, we take into account the totality of the factors influencing the perception:

Our experts are always ready for you to make a consultation on printing design, to navigate in our prices and of course to show the examples of our creative design solutions.

Implementation of designer’s work is even more important. The print quality like the design make a significant contribution to the success of advertising. For our advertising spaces at the airport, we offer all kinds of digital, offset, large printing formats.


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